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Over 30 years - Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc., innovator, designer and manufacturer of durable, reliable and low maintenance cost utility vehicles.
   In continuous operation since 1979 Marcotte has developed a wide range of service vehicles specifically suited to the harsh underground environment. Located in Sudbury , Ontario, Marcotte conducts product development from concept to finished machine all within our modern 35,000 square foot manufacturing plant.
    Packages are available in several model sizes to support AN/FO loaders, flat decks, fuel/lube trucks, scissor lifts, personnel carriers, forklifts, road conditioners, shotcrete transport and spraying vehicles and more.
    Registered to ISO 9001 and CWB, CSA Standards W47.1 Marcotte is committed to quality and safety. Service and parts support is available 24/7 to meet around the clock requirements of mine operations.   
   Complete or partial utility vehicle rebuilds are available and form an important component of Marcotte's business. Marcotte provides engineered solutions for your utility vehicle requirements.
From - Laura Stradiotto

  Energy chains are considered the umbilical cord of modern machines.
  They minimize downtown, protect, support and extend the service life of cables and hoses.
  For Ian Martin, designer at Marcotte Mining Machinery Services, the energy chain represented much more.
  Martin was recognized for an innovative application that enhanced functionality of one of his company’s largest utility vehicles, the Multi-RAM, at the MassMin Conference and Exhibition earlier in June. Marcotte Mining designs and manufactures mining utility vehicles for mines all over the world. It was presented with the Vector Award from igus, an international company that manufacturers plastic bearings and cable carriers.
  Igus holds the global competition to recognize unique applications that were designed using their products. This particular award recognizes “inspiring applications” using e-chains. Marcotte Mining received the award at the Canadian level, beating out numerous other entries.
  Martin explained that most mines use hosed booms for replacing overhead-suspended equipment and piping. Typically more than one piece of maintenance equipment is used to lift, locate and fasten overhead equipment and piping in place.
  “This new vehicle we came up with does all that with one truck,” Martin said, which essentially reduces manpower, emissions and time. Existing boom designs have hoses hanging between extending sections, which inhibits the functionality of service platforms. The resulting problem is tangling or cutting of hydraulic fluid lines. Martin wanted to limit the amount of hydraulic hose that would be hanging underneath the platform.
  Using the e-chain, he devised a system that would guide and protect the hydraulic hose from the base to the gripper of an extension boom that was attached to a work platform.
  He also wanted to design something that was easily repairable in the field and would offer protection from rock and dust debris.
  “We were able to put a boom right at the centre of the truck,” said Martin.
  “The e-chain came in handy for keeping the hoses and wires up close to the boom, out of the way so when we raised everything in the air, there was nothing hanging down that could get caught on anything.”
  The equipment is currently being used at Xstrata’s Kidd Creek Mine in Timmins.
  “We learned a lot of things along the way as far as additional pieces we could add or subtract,” said Martin. “The e-chain is quite a good selling vehicle for that vehicle.”
  Martin is also considering using another e-chain at the base of the boom to keep the hoses out of the way when the vehicle swings left and right.
  Headquartered in Germany and with offices all over the world, igus manufactures plastic bearings and cable carriers. Its mission is to use its innovative polymer materials to develop products that provide creative solutions.
  Martin and Marcotte Mining received a plaque and $500 U.S. in credit to be used towards future igus products.
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